Holden and His Thoughts by Ronaldo & Gaby


Don’t you hate it when you are walking with a group and then suddenly you are walking all alone and your friends are not by your side in an unknown place? This is the feeling we wanted to convey in our structure. In the book, Catcher In The Rye, by J.D Salinger, Holden Caulfield walks around New York alone just looking at coming up with ideas to do and avoid going home at all costs. This was our idea for our structure, have people walk alone in the structure and give a feeling of loneliness and no direction.

Holden ended up in New York when he got kicked out of his school and went home early. Our inspiration for our structure was Holden being by himself in a big city and just not knowing what was going to happen next. My original idea was to make a long hallway with a bunch of roadblocks and very thin passage ways but that was going to be a little too literal. So we tweaked it to make it a really big structure and three walls that get closer each time you go into a different part of it. We made about two sketches that weren’t really good because it would not turn out to be best model, so we combined the best part of each of the sketches and we came up with our structure. Our rough structure really helped us see what and where we would be putting our walls and our people. This was a tough process because we didn’t know how or when to start but then Mr. Mayo helped us put our first walls together and then we finished our structure sooner than I had expected.
When you walk into our structure the mood is fun because it’s a big entrance so you can enter with all of your friends but it soon turns serious because the wall close in quickly and then you have to separate from your group and then the last wall you pass by make it really close so you enter with all
your friends but go through the exit by yourself. The spatial relationship of the walls at the end of our structure are extremely close so you feel like whoa! The walls are closing in on me and I’m all alone which is what we wanted to convey. When Holden is walking and sees the couple with their baby singing it shows how he is alone and wants to be a part of a group but he just doesn’t want
to be alone. Also when he goes to the train station and sleeps there it shows how he is alone and that’s why we made our entrance so small so it shows the people alone for a little while. When you read the book and read how Holden is walking alone by himself and staying in a hotel by himself you can see that he is alone and not with company. Holden desperately wants company but when he does talk to other people and is with company he pushes himself out of it.
This project was very cool because it’s not just the usual write an essay or a long paper we actually made a structure and that was really cool. I like using my hands a lot so this project was pretty sweet. I had to look at this book in a very different way because we had to make an actual 3-d structure out
of it and that was extremely different which is really cool. We had to look at the book in a different way because it’s not easy to translate a book to an architectural model without really diving into the book and exploring it more.

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