Holden’s Infinite Journey by Laura, Kebron and Cady


After reading, The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger, I developed a better comprehension of Holden’s character. I based my structure on the way Holden’s character attempts to shield himself from the adult world by trying to ignore it as he takes on the journey of life.It is also based on his belief that growing up and becoming an adult just made you a phony. At the beginning of the book he had that particular mindset, and even though he went through a lot of events and met a lot of different people, his mindset was only slightly changed by the end of the novel. When you are first being introduced to Holden, the best characterization of him would be that he is an aimless person. He is failing his classes and is once again kicked out of school. Before he leaves the school, he goes to talk to his teacher, Mr. Spencer. His teacher is not pleased with him and tries to scold him for the way he is handling his academics, but Holden just starts to zone out then makes an excuse to leave (Salinger 8-15). He doesn’t really care for school because in his eyes it is just another thing that leads to the path of becoming an adult or a “phony”. At the end of the book, Holden talks about how people ask if he is going to apply himself when he goes back to school and he says that he doesn’t know (Salinger 213). He hasn’t fully changed because he still is not sure what he will do in the future but it also shows that he has at least matured enough not to lie and say yes but not mean it or say no, he will not apply himself, and mean it.

The experience that I hoped to create for the people who walk through my final building would be that they are on a journey, and because of this the structure of my building would be an open infinity sign. Because of the close spatial relationship of the walls they will feel like they are confined and can only see one thing and also that they have only one path to take. They will feel like they are moving and getting somewhere, but in reality they are almost basically just going in circles. They go up a slight hill and can almost see above the walls but they end up back on flat land. The experience is, you will feel like you are finally about to change where you are going but then you end up not doing so. The path will take them through many twists, turns, and even rises and falls, but at the end of the path they will end up almost exactly where they started.

When first beginning this project I had many ideas that I wanted my structure to focus on and all of them were underdeveloped. After getting into groups, I and my other partners came up with an idea for the way our structure should look and what it should mainly focus on. After getting assistance from one of the architects from the University of Maryland, our group finally came up with our idea. It was a drastic change, in a good way, from my initial idea. When we drew our sketch we knew exactly what we wanted to do but the only thing that we were struggling with was what materials we should use. That problem was soon easily fixed. Before even starting our structure, we had to work out the measurements to make sure everything would be exact and precise. Making the measurements were not that difficult but it did take us a little longer than we thought. After that, most things came easily in making the structure. Some things did not go as planned but was soon remedied, leaving our finished project satisfactory.

This project was interesting, I have had mixed feelings on it from the beginning. I do think it is a good project because it helps the reader build a stronger understanding of the novel and it is also fascinating to be able to see the different ways people viewed the novel. It is actually an intriguing way to go about interpreting the book and I never would have thought it would essentially be a good project for an English class to do. It turned out very well and really opened my mind to all of the things that were present in the book.

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